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Our Board of Trustees


Paul Stewart

Committee member

Hi there! I'm Paul and I'm the new temporary Chairperson for D'Sign Arts. I was one of the founding members when D'sign Arts (founded 2015). I was previously the  Secretary from January 2020 - May 2021 when I step up to assist the previous CHairperson as Vice-Chairperson. A lot of my work focuses on Overseeing charities, governance and strategy and I'm delighted to be in this role. committee.


Paula McAnulty

Committee Member

I joined the committee in October 2020 and I have worked and volunteered in the deaf community for a number of years. 

I look forward to volunteering with D'Sign Arts.


Michael Hudson


I am one of the founders who started D'Sign Arts in 2015.

I'm helping out with the Audio Visual and performance elements of the charity. 


Malachy McBurney

Committee member

I am Malachy and is founding of D'Sign Arts in 2015. I went to Clin D'Oeil Festival in France, in 2014. There are 6000 deaf and hard of hearing people attending there, deaf people selling goods, food, craft, and deaf people showcasing their performing arts, their Arts etc. I was inspired by this and went on to set up D'Sign Arts and I was the first Chairperson. I had been a member since 2015. 


Katie Logan


I was part of the founding committee in 2015 but stepped down due to health reasons.


I have rejoined the committee as Treasurer in April 2021 and am looking forward to helping D'Sign Arts grow, getting involved with arts, drama, filming etc


Lisa Curran

Committee member

I joined D’Sign Arts (NI) committee in July 2021.

I am motivated in this new role and I look forward to meeting new people and I love being involved with drama.  


Pauline Geddis

Committee member

I joined D'Sign Arts in 2020 and I have become very interested in deaf culture, deaf community and their sign languages. I am learning BSL level 3 at the moment. D'Sign Arts is a great opportunity for me me to get to know some of the deaf culture. 


Karen Charrington

Committee member

I joined D'sign Arts as a new committee member in October 2020. 

I am a chartered IT professional with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector and a real passion for accessible technology for all.  I am currently learning  BSL (Level 3) and love all forms of performance and creative arts.


Samantha Maher


I have been a member of  D'Sign Arts since 2015 and have taken part in many art workshops, stages and video productions. 

I joined the Committee in 2022 and look forward to the challenge of helping the charity grow and help more people.
performance elements of the charity. 

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